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The config command provides users with miscellaneous configuration commands.

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You may find all current config commands by running the command with no arguments.


Changing Zira Prefix

If you would like to change the default prefix from z/ to another string, use the config prefix command.

z/config prefix !  # Zira prefix changed from z/ to !

z/config prefix


The z/ prefix will work with Zira commands regardless of this setting.

Setting Zira Permissions

The config role command allows server owners to set a single role that is allowed to run Zira commands. New commands will override the allowed role in previous commands.

z/config role @Rabbitor   # by mention
z/config role Rabbitor # by role name
z/config role disable # Disable role

z/config role examples

Resetting All Reaction Roles

The config reset allows users to completely clean out all current reaction roles in the guild. You will need to confirm with a yes response to reset the configuration.

z/config reset

Switching Languages

Swapping Zira's language is currently disabled as we migrate translation platforms.