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The embed command is used to have Zira send an embedded message to the currently selected active channel.

Video Example

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Zira will need the Send Message and Embed Links permissions to send an embedded link to the specified active channel.

You can run the embed command without any arguments to start an interactive embedded message creator.


If you would prefer to directly send valid JSON to Zira to post on your behalf, you can pass it to the embed command as an argument.

z/embed example

The resulting message in the active channel from the previous example looked like the following:

z/embed created message


Make sure to set an active channel with the channel command before running the embed command or you will receive an error.

More message options are available in a Discord embed message than in the example above. You can use our Embed Builder

The below command will send the same example embed as the image above. Please note that not every field is required to send an embed.

z/embed {
"color": 12434798,
"author": {
"name": "Role Bot"
"title": "Reaction Roles",
"description": "This is a simple message",
"footer": {
"text": "Reaction List"

If you would like to edit a Zira-created message afterwards, you may use the edit command.