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The message command is used to send or set a message for reaction roles in the currently selected active channel.

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z/message Message for reaction roles  # if you would like Zira to send a message in the active channel
z/message 123456809 # if you would like to use your own message

To set up an embedded message instead, please see Embed.


Zira will need the Send Message permission if you would like Zira to send a setup message on your behalf instead of using your own message.

See the Discord help page Where can I find my User/Server/Message ID? for instructions on how to find a message ID.


Make sure to set an active channel with the channel command before running a message command or you will receive an error.

If you would like to switch to another message in the same channel, run the command again.

You may now set up the reaction role type that you want to use!


z/message examples


If you would like to edit a Zira-created message afterwards, you may use the edit command.