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Getting Started

Thank you for considering Zira for your server! Please see the instructions below to setup Zira.


If you have any issues, please visit the Support link in the navigation bar above to visit our support server and possibly win free premium in a giveaway!

Video Example

Coming soon!

Inviting Zira


You will need the Manage Server permission to invite Zira.

Invite Zira with this link or by clicking the Invite link in the navigation bar to the left. Make sure you either grant all the permissions on the invite link for Zira to work properly or give Zira your own custom bot role that contains all the permissions listed in photo below.

Zira Invite Dialog


All of Zira's commands are now slash commands! That means that every command will begin with /.

Moving Zira's Role

Once Zira is invited, make sure to move the Zira role above all the other roles that you plan on assigning.


Due to Discord caching, you may need to move the role back down, save, and back to the top again.

Zira Role Example