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The join command allows Zira to send join messages to a specified channel.

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You can see all current join commands by running the command with no arguments.



Zira will need the Send messages permission in the channel you want to send messages to.

Setting up the join message system

The join channel command is used to enable the join message system and simultaneously set a channel for new join announcements.

z/join channel #joins   # by channel name

z/join channel example

Adding new join messages

The join add command is used to add new join messages to the list of messages randomly sent when a new user joins.

z/join add text Welcome $mention$ to $guild$! ($membercount$ members!)

z/join add example

Currently available placeholders for join messages include the following:

$user$            # username
$discriminator$ # user discriminator
$id$ # user ID
$mention$ # a user mention
$guild$ # guild name
$membercount$ # new member count

You can provide a basic message setup using join add text <message>.

z/join add text example

You can also use embeds using join add embed <JSON>.

z/join add embed example


embed preview

Viewing current join messages

The join list command lists all current messages that Zira will randomly send upon a new user join.

z/join list

z/join list example

The IDs listed are used for the join remove command below.

Deleting messages from the join message pool

The join remove command is used to remove a message from the list of messages randomly sent when a new user joins.

The ID of a join message can be obtained from the join list command above.

z/join remove aW8ftz52C

z/join remove example

Disabling the join message system

The join disable command is used to disable the join message system entirely.

z/join disable

z/join disable example