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The delete command removes reaction roles from a message. Users with roles already assigned with the deleted reaction roles will not have their roles removed.

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You can see all current delete commands by running the command with no arguments.


See the Discord help page Where can I find my User/Server/Message ID? for instructions on how to find a message ID normally. As noted in the delete command instructions, you may also run the list command to find out message IDs as well.


While the delete command will remove reaction roles from the message, all existing reactions will still remain on the message. To completely clean up reactions from messages, you will need to delete them manually.

Deleting a reaction role will not affect any current users with the role. Reaction counts on the existing emoji will also not be affected.

Removing a single reaction role

You may remove a single reaction role a few ways with the delete command.

z/delete 591160851436929035 @Rabbitor   # by mention
z/delete 591160851436929035 Rabbitor # by role name

z/delete mention example z/delete id example

Removing all reaction roles on a message

The delete all command will remove all reaction roles from a single message.

z/delete all 591160851436929035

z/delete all example

Removing reaction roles for deleted roles

The delete check command will clean up any outdated reaction roles based on deleted guild roles.

z/delete check 591160851436929035