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The remove command adds a reaction role that removes a role from a user to the currently selected active message. This is useful in instances such as allowing a user to un-mute themselves by reacting to remove their mute role.

Premium Only

Normal free users of Zira may only have 6 remove roles set up per guild. Premium and partnered guilds are allowed to add unlimited remove roles.

Video Example

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z/remove :rabbit: @Rabbitor            # by mention
z/remove :rabbit: Rabbitor # by role name
z/remove :rabbit: 579530921498378260 # by role id
Conflict Notice

If you are looking to delete a set up reaction role on a message instead, see the delete command.


Zira will need the Add Reaction permission to add reactions to the active message.

If you would like a single reaction to remove more than one role, you can run the remove command multiple times. There is currently no limit to number of rules you can stack on a single reaction.

For example, to stack the removal of Rabbit and Cat roles on a single emoji:

z/remove :carrot: Rabbit
z/remove :carrot: Cat

You may also stack normal reaction roles on a single reaction if you would like a single reaction to both add and remove roles.

z/remove :carrot: Cat
z/add :carrot: Rabbit


z/remove examples


Make sure to set an active message beforehand with both the channel and message commands or you will receive an error.